Newness Developments

Newness Developments is a newborn sofware company focused on creating classy and useful apps for Palm’s webOS operating system.

Palm showed their best at CES2009, introducing webOS, the most innovative smartphone platform since iPhoneOS, three years ago. Palm called it Newness. webOS is evolving constantly, and we want to become partakers of these Developments, and to enjoy and give the world what webOS can offer.

Newness Developments always wants to bring to webOS market a seamless experience with apps that makes your life better. In our search of empowering your webOS(TM) experience, we are glad to announce the first webOS Tapatalk(TM) client: Forums.

The new way of forums navigation, now for webOS(TM) platform.

Forums will enable you to navigate through your favourite tapatalk(TM) compatible forums with a native webOS(TM) user interface experience. everything in Forums is thought to provide an easy an efficient way of forum’s navigation, supporting the most common forum tasks (navigation, posting, creating topics, editing topics, managing private messages) easily.